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Operation demonstration: UV drying, antibacterial, and disinfecting knife rack DJB8

Disinfection Knife Rack Board Tool Disinfector Household Small Chopsticks Barrel Sterilization Machine Multifunctional UV Disinfection [...]

using demonstration:Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine, Vegetable Washer X7

Desktop Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Machine Purifier Removal of Agricultural Residues Disinfection and Sterilization Household [...]

using demonstration:Wall-mounted vegetable washer for fruit and vegetable disinfection and purification GB10

Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Machine Food Ingredient Purification Hydroxyl Electrolysis Double-Cabinet Apparatus Remove Agricultural Residues [...]

Multiple studies in different countries have found that UV-C ultraviolet

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread globally, but fortunately, after the discovery of COVID-19, the [...]

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