All types of health products protect the health of family members.

Eivar, as a supplier of healthy lifestyle household appliances and solution provider, protects the health of family members through its four product lines. Its series such as “food purifiers, disinfectant water generators, water purifiers, and air purifiers” all have a sterilization rate of 99.99%. It can effectively remove the bacteria remaining in the food, the bacteria in the home scene, filter out the viruses in the water, and the floating bacteria in the air, to achieve all-round protection of the health of family members.


01 Food Purifier Series

There are a small amount of pesticide residues left in the fruits and vegetables, and relying on the daily soaking and hand washing for cleaning cannot completely remove the harmful bacteria and impurities in the ingredients to the human body!


Eivar food purifier uses the innovative patented triple purification system, with the ultra-large area generating device, doubled current output power, and optimized bubble anti-condensation design, so as to carry out rapid and efficient purification, degradation, and sterilization on the food. After testing, the sterilization rate reaches as high as 99.99%, solving the unseen health threats.


02 Disinfectant Water Generator Series

Eivar’s newly launched spray-type disinfectant water generator, through purely natural self-made disinfectant solution, can be easily produced with just one-button control; in the face of the flu season, bacteria are hard to prevent, just pick it up and spray lightly, to carry out dead-angle-free cleaning of the home, and can instantly remove bacteria.


It is not like ordinary 84 disinfectant, which needs to be used after strict proportion dilution. The natural disinfectant generated by Eivar can quickly kill the virus within a few seconds, with a high sterilization rate of 99.99%. And it will not cause irritation to the skin. Moreover, after being sprayed and used, it can be quickly decomposed and reduced to water without remaining on the surface of the items.


03 RO reverse osmosis water purifier series

Experts suggest that safe water should be drunk, and many families hope to use reverse osmosis water purifiers with high-precision filtering to ensure the safety of drinking water at home. Eivar RO reverse osmosis water purifiers have excellent water purification effects, perfectly remove harmful substances in the water. It has the excellent characteristics of a large total amount of purified water, is less likely to be blocked, and can carry out manual sewage discharge to effectively prevent secondary pollution, etc., and has become the first choice for household water purification equipment.


Among them, the pore size of the RO membrane is even smaller than that of hair strands, and the general naked eye cannot see that the harmful substances are several times larger than it, so the water molecules and some mineral ions beneficial to the human body can pass through, and other impurities and heavy metals are all discharged through the waste water pipe, and the virus filtering rate is as high as 99.99%.


04 Air Purifier Series

Improving the air quality of the home is one of the very important points, and in this regard, Eivar air purifiers can be described as a truly worthy expert. Using a medical-grade filtering system, it achieves a combination of filtering and sterilization. It is more efficient and eliminates the spread of viruses and bacteria in the air.


Through eight-fold filter net purification, it solves the breathing hazards of users one by one. For the purification of rooms ranging from 30 square meters to 50 square meters, it only takes 9 minutes to restore the healthy air indoors. Using the photocatalyst material under the excitation of UV ultraviolet light, it captures OH and O2 in the air to form extremely oxidizing free hydroxyl (hydroxyl) and superoxide anion free radicals O2-, O-, which quickly oxidize the pollutants and odors and decompose them into CO2 and H2O. Due to its strong oxidation ability, it can damage the cell membrane of bacteria, thereby killing the bacteria. For the purification of many common bacteria and viruses such as Influenza A virus (H1N1), Staphylococcus albus, Staphylococcus aureus, and Escherichia coli, the purification rate reaches as high as 99.99%.

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