Strawberries have been crowned the “dirtiest fruit” for five consecutive years

The problem of agricultural residues has always received close attention, regardless of national boundaries. The non-profit environmental organization in the United States, the Environmental Working Group, referred to as EWG (Environmental Working Group), announced the “Pesticide Residue Shopping Guide for Agricultural Products” in the 2020 fiscal year. It was found that strawberries have been crowned the “championship throne of agricultural residues” for five consecutive years, once again becoming the freshest agricultural product most likely to be contaminated by pesticide residues.


The fragility of strawberries has always been a difficulty in the industrialization of the strawberry industry. In addition to being extremely prone to rot, the life of strawberries faces many fatal diseases, and any kind of disease or pest can make the hard work of the farmers come to nothing, which is also the reason for the high price of strawberries. The popularization of pesticides can be said to completely change the strawberry industry, but it is also the beginning of the use of 22 kinds of pesticides.


The inspection by the Nanjing Customs Animal, Plant and Food Testing Center found that one batch out of 43 batches of strawberries was not qualified, and the unqualifying item was the excessive pesticide residue. The deputy section chief of the Pesticide Residue Testing Section of the testing center, Liu Han, introduced that the unqualifying item was carbendazim, which is a high-efficiency, low-toxicity, and broad-spectrum fungicide, and is allowed to be used in our country and is mostly used for the disease prevention and control of fruits and vegetables. The national standard limit is 0.5mg/kg, but the actual detected value of this batch is 0.78mg/kg.


Is cleaning with clean water full of perils?

The first thought would be to rinse with clean water. In fact, when washing strawberries, using running water to rinse the strawberries for a few minutes can only wash away only a part of the bacteria and pesticides on the surface of the strawberries, and do not use a large flow of water for rinsing. Remove the strawberry leaves and stems, because the surface of the strawberries is extremely fragile, which is not right, because it will expose the strawberry flesh, and the pesticides and contaminants that have already been washed away in the water will instead penetrate into the inside of the strawberries through this place.

Eivar food purification – One machine to solve the above troubles

Food purifiers are home goods recommended by many internet celebrities in recent years. The Eivar food purifier says goodbye to the single purification mode on the market, and the combination of ultrasonic and active oxygen purification realizes multiple purifications with one machine, achieving more efficient cleaning and purification of food materials.


Active oxygen interactive purification technology


Through the generation of natural active oxygen to achieve the functions of high-efficiency decontamination and deodorization, etc., it can also kill up to 99.98% of bacteria, without producing any chemical substances to achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection of fruits and removal of pesticide residues.


360° ultrasonic emulsification.


It is equipped with 360° ultrasonic emulsification technology, and the turbo ultrasonic generator adjusts the frequency to vibrate, forming an air cannon and continuous liquid shock waves to effectively clean stubborn stains with strong penetration and effectively purify the dirt.


One-button operation is more relaxed.


As a fruit and vegetable cleaning machine commonly used for family members, Eivar has not made its operation difficult to learn and understand due to technological upgrades. The button-type operation is simple and clear, and even the elderly and children can easily control it. Before cooking, you only need to put fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, etc. into the Eivar food purifier and fill it with clean water to wrap the ingredients, and select the cleaning mode corresponding to the ingredients to enjoy healthy and delicious ingredients without worry. Such a simple, convenient, and healthy life is the truly healthy and stylish life, seeking health in simplicity, and using technology to feel the beauty of the new life!

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