Multiple studies in different countries have found that UV-C ultraviolet

Research in Multiple Countries

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread globally, but fortunately, after the discovery of COVID-19, the country immediately adopted home isolation measures, which have contained the domestic epidemic. Recently, a study jointly conducted by researchers from Australia ??, Bolivia ??, Canada ??, and Switzerland ?? showed that UV-C ultraviolet light sources can effectively inactivate the novel coronavirus.

According to the wavelength, ultraviolet light is usually divided into:

UV-A (wavelength 315-400 nanometers)
UV-B (wavelength 280-315 nanometers)
UV-C (wavelength 200-280 nanometers)
The UV-C wavelength is the most reliable

Among them, the wavelength of UV-C ultraviolet light is the shortest and the energy is the highest. It can quickly destroy the DNA and RNA of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, preventing their reproduction and replication. The experimental results show that after being exposed to UV-C ultraviolet light for a few seconds, the novel coronavirus will be completely inactivated.

Applied to different scenarios

With these properties, UV-C ultraviolet light is applied in the fields of microbiological sterilization, biochemical analysis, etc. In the field of sterilization, this band of ultraviolet light has efficient broad-spectrum effects, which can quickly sterilize water, air, and the surface of objects.

Sterilization rate close to 100%

Experimental data shows that with a UV-C ultraviolet irradiation intensity of only 30 milliwatts per square centimeter, it takes only one second to achieve nearly 100% killing of most bacteria, which is widely used in the medical and health field.

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